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Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARF

Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5GarySeptember 28, 2016This is my very first foam plane and probably the last. Dynam has a miracle on their hands. It went together quickly and well. My only real concern being the screws that retain the interplane struts. Not very good stuff at all . I used instead some stainless steel 4-40 UNC socket headed screws with aluminum Nylock nuts. The plane handles our club's grass strip very well . Take-offs and landings are better than some of the larger planes . This plane does all the basic aerobatics yet flies much like a trainer . Low speed handling is a joy. I am buying a back up plane as this is one I never want to be without. I hope they make it forever .
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Jerry PJanuary 10, 2015If you are reading this and thinking about buying this plane, my advice is, go for it. It flies great and it looks great. I have a pickup and can carry 3 -4 planes in the back, this one is always the first in, then I decide what else I want to fly that day. The one I have now is my second, or third, if you count replacing the fuselage. I fly with a 4 cell 2650ma 25-50c and set my timer for 6 minutes, and start landing at 5, in case I have to go around for some reason. I try to go easy on my batteries, to make 'em last. It fits perfectly in the space, just tight enough I don't have to strap down the battery. I also put clear packing tape on the leading edges of the wings. Helps with dings on the leading edges from tall grass a the occasional willow limb. It does have some assembly issues, but I checked youtube and found a couple videos that talked about most of them. Sharp edges on the steel braces, still have the scar, and changing the angles on the steel braces to make sure they line up with the plastic ones on the wings. You do have to be fairly precise or the plastic is over-stressed, then broken. (Hey Dynam, whose idea was it to provide screws that are almost not long enough? I would have paid a couple bucks more for longer screws.) You also have to remove and re-glue the magnets on the body or the steel pads on the hatch. Both come a little too recessed to make a good contact. Having to take off the bottom wing to access the receiver is a bit of a pain also. You can see that the plane is spray-painted and the paint job on mine is not that great, white show-through in places, and some of the black was spotty close up, but not really noticeable at 10+ feet. Having said all that, I still recommend this plane. The problems it does have can all be fixed in fairly short order. (Paint not affecting the way it flies.) Then you have a plane that flies like a dream. The yellow color makes it very easy to see and it just kind of floats around at 1/3 throttle, but it also has the power to go vertical if you feel the need. I give it 4 3/4 stars
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Rudy SaldivarSeptember 22, 2014Well my Waco is now officially still intact but retired with 286 official 6 to 8 minute flights on it, with 146 parachute drops and streamers, it also has 61 Go Pro vid camera flights and has done 2 music videos for the band Meridian 65 What an amazing Aircraft model this is... I'm ready for another Waco...while i'm hanging this one in the Meridian 65 music studio!!
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5AndrewSeptember 17, 2014Maiden flight this morning, awesome. even using the instructions C.G. it flew well. I will change it to other reviewers recommended and hope it flies better! Best flyer in a long time!
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Johnny RayJuly 31, 2014BUY IT! You will love this airplane.
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Raymond GuchoJune 29, 2014First off its a beatuful biplane. My club members all like it. I flew it for the first time this weekend and after I trimmed it out it was a fun plane to fly. I will recommend the Waco to my friends at S.A.M club
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5ChrisMarch 15, 2014Just did the maiden flight this morning and no joke people were pulling their cars over to check out this beautiful biplane performing aerobatics. Definitely an eye catcher with its bright yellow and black paint scheme! Extremely stable yet very agile, it's my new favorite in my collection. I put a 2200mah 4 cell battery as far forward as it can go and CG was perfect. Strongly recommend buying this model you won't be disappointed!
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5GiJoelMarch 5, 2014Got this last Christmas. Been flying it for more than 2 months now. I probably took it up about 20 time now. First time I took-off It was scary since the CG on the manual is way off. Got some info on RCUniverse forum and tried it. Now it flies perfectly like it is on a rail. This plane is like a poetry on the air. Glides very well and handles slow and fast flying. Great for scale flying and people at my club loves it. If your buying this, just remember the CG is between 3.5 to 4.2 inches from the leading edge instead of what the manual states. You'll love it just as I did.
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Jose EFebruary 7, 2014Guys, I rated this airplane a couple of days ago, I have about 20+ flights with it and I told you this plane is not only beatiful the aerodynamics of his airplane are AMAZING! this plane is a fun to fly fly, takeoff roll is smooth you only need 1/2 throtle to take off, and you can make all your fly arround at 1/4 throtle. If you want to push hard add full throtle and you can make straight climb until a couple of hundreds of feets (almost loosing from sight) I tryed some loops, rolls and stalls, climbed high and try some power off stalls and this is amazing it stalls so nice, I pulled the throtle back, apply back presssure on the elevator to hold altitude and just wait for the stall to come, airplane deccelerate nice and them stalls come it just lower the nose and if you keep pulling it eill make another stalls iinmmediatly and them and them... It looks like being walking down a stair - but be careful if you are going to practice some stalls try it high because if for any reason you get a spin them you will need some altitude to recover and you dont want to charsh your beauty. Flight on the field pattern is beatiful Ypu can slowdown nice and fly nice flight patterns at 1/4 throtle, a couple of slow passes are a need since every buddy wants to see it more closely. Landing is vey stable you can make easely 2 points landing and them it self beatifully lower the tail, touchs and go is nice as well. I like this plane very much it has become my favorite, I also did some touchups with a metal marker on the cowl cylinders to give a nicer look and now it looks awesome. There is something I do not like, the lights do not add any value on it so please Dynam and Nitro do something about it DO NOT install this model of lights on this kind of airplanes since this lights are hard to see even on the dark. To solve this issue I buy a set of super bright LED lights on another store and installed... now is another history it seems NICE! I would recomend this airplane to anyone who loves aviation golden years.
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Jose EFebruary 5, 2014I bought mine at ontario rc show event at january. Airplane is simply Beatiful, asembly took me about half day (I like to pay special attention to every single detail) once ar the field every budy stops flying their airplanes and looked at the WACO, it takes off at 1/2 throtle and flies very well at this setting, when using full thrust it performs stright climbs almos until you loose it from sight. An experience pilot can perform 3D maneovers with it. The only thing I would recomend Nitro is that you huys need to change the lights since the ones that came with the plane are unusuable its very hard to see even at night, so I installed a super bright LED lights and now is another story it looks beatiful with it. I recommend this BEATIFUL plane.
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