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Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARF

Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5SCOTT MAGNERDecember 31, 2013Beyond Bitching...exceeded my expectations. Painted fuse red...looks and flys fantastic. An experienced pilot can 3d this plane. Will be buying another as a spare. Must have! Endless knive edges and flys like a dream. Very scale looking. A Cadillac in the Sky!
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Richard PridgenDecember 30, 2013easy to assemble ..takes off and lands with ease.flies great at 1/2 throttle. absolutly a very easy plane to fly and looks even better than pictures. high quality plane.thanks, to nitroplanes.
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Mr. MelDecember 23, 2013Plane arrived as promised. Double boxed and no damage. Assembly was easy and straight forward. After reading reviews on the wing struts, I took extra time and care when assembling and all is very good. Tips and tricks: I agree on wing strut bolts a little short, My remedy was after assembled, I used plastic model glue around the secured nut on the wing strut. After glue dried I took the wing struts apart and it worked. The nut stayed glued to the wing struts. Reassembled using lock tight on bolts. Will make changing a wing if needed in the future very painless, and if a bolt happens to rattle out, the nut will stay. When air born this plane rocks, Its a performer. Plenty of power, and very easy to land. Have 10 flights so far and no problems with the wing struts. Very stable with no hint of coming apart. I think gentleness during assembly was key. Thanks Nitro Planes. I'll keep flying your planes for sure. Looking forward to my next build.
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Rudy saldivarDecember 6, 2013I now have Four Dynam Aircraft and this Waco is my favorite, Not only is it priced right it also has the scale looks i was looking for, I love flying this model, it's the first and last EPO Scale i fly at every field, It's so predictable and flys like it's on rails also landings and takeoffs are great, Thank you Dynam for for selling such great products.. I'm using a 4s 2700 milliamp 25c Zippy battery in it and thats plenty of flying time and power I also incorporated a parachute drop on it for show, i have over forty flights on my Waco. and not a scratch on it...
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5JimNovember 4, 2013This plane is great to fly I have put mine in the air about 60 times, and enjoy it every time. I agree on some of the reviews about the nuts and bolts, but I think Dynam will fix that.
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Ray TremellingSeptember 23, 2013The first Waco is a joy to fly. The second one I just got was trash. The lower wings didn't have the carbon fiber insert for the push rods. The fuse was missing parts and was not glued together. The upper wing was a pretzel. It was so bad, I gave up and salvaged the parts I could and lined the trash can with it. So much for Dynam and their aircraft.
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5ChuckSeptember 3, 2013As a result of seeing my Waco and one other, we now have five in our club, with two members having a spare still in the box. It is a fantastic flyer, as was the shipping and packaging. I am 86 and I love to fly this little puppy, I use a 4s 3300 and get long flight times. As others I had to replace the strut screws, no big deal. I also had to replace the original wing to wing rods as the clevis was so bound to the rod they broke,,, I used the 2-56 rod. We fly off of a grass field so the large wheels are great. To accommodate the 4s I shaved off about 1/16 of and inch in the battery compartment. The front cockpit and battery cover have not given me any problem in staying on . Also first ARF I have ever purchased that supplied the proper sized motor...Thank You
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5Jim SlaughterAugust 29, 2013This is a GREAT airplane! It is my second one. The first I simply flew to death! Haha. The foam hinges on the elevator gave out. So when I received this one, I taped all hinges first thing. This beautiful little bipe will do any and every trick in the book! I have been flying R/C since the early 1960's. I have flown everything from giant scale to indoor, gas, nitro, electric, edf, you name it. I have to say this is THE BEST FLYING airplane I have owned over the past 52 years! I know that sounds impossible but it's true. While I prefer built up scale aircraft, this Waco lets me pop it into the car in one piece and stop on my way home and get in a flight or two. No assembly time as I can leave the wings on it. Just pop in a 4S 2650mAh battery and go!! Several of my flying buddies have bought the waco after watching mine fly. They all love theres as well.
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5GuyAugust 21, 2013Flew great first time out has been up 5 times so far, did some detailing such as wing wires and clear coat and opened up intake in cowling for better cooling
Dynam 4 Channel RC Wako Bi-Plane ARFstar rating 5SeeMeDoSeeMeDo, JeffAugust 8, 2013mine was not perfect out of the box but I put her together without any serious problems. Built really tough very sturdy landing gear tons of power and flys real nice without any nasty attributes. Over all I would buy this plane again very quick shipping from Nitroplanes. The instructions where pretty good. I used different bolts and nylon nuts to mount the wings, reinforced the plastic nubs for the wing supports using small plywood on some or gift card plastic on others. Bound to an OrangeRX using Spectrum Dx6i no problems. She covers a lot of ground in a short time very powerful but looks so nice in the air. I had to stray from the plans to get the vertical and horizontal stabs secured, used different screws and some glue, not a big deal but trust me you don't want the tail feathers coming off. They call me Lucky.
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