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Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTF

Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 3EdwardSeptember 30, 2014It is a good beginner plane but the manual is not detailed enough from step to step, the motor mount is weak and won't take much impact. It will require someone a bit experience in putting together plane kits to get this prepared right. One will find it helps to cut out a better space for the battery compartment which is in awkward 30 degree angle shap. But once it is done right it is fun to fly.
Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 5njjedizNovember 5, 2011I bought this plane a month ago and have flown it close to 50 times so far. The build was straight forward and relatively easy - watch the video if you're new to the sport. The kit did not include glue, but it did include a second battery, so I would say that's a fair trade-off. The plane flies well even in moderate wind. Loops and wingovers are fun, but with the linkage set on the middle hole of the aileron control horns, barrel rolls are close to impossible. The plane will easily stay in the air at 60% throttle, greatly increasing flight time. At full throttle, it wants to climb climb climb, so use it judiciously. As far as durability, I've had several hard landings and even struck a tree 60 feet up. After the plane fell out of the tree, I picked the leaves off, reset the wing and off she went! Really impressed! I highly recommend this plane for beginner to moderately experienced R/C pilots. It can take a beating and you can fly at very low speeds.
Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 4Rambrake060October 9, 2011I crashed this plane both times I fly it. It held up really well. On my first crash, I broke a prop and knocked of the landing gear. I went home, glued the wheels back on, and put on the extra prop. After the glue dried, I went back to the field and flew it again. On the way back to the field, i messed up the trimming by accident. When I flew it, it went up, left, and rolled left at the same time. I panicked and cut power, it stalled 10 feet off the ground and slammed the ground really hard. The spinner flew off, the prop broke, the hood flew off, and the engine got knocked out of alignment. I also split the glue point to the wing (my fault, not enough glue). It held up surprisingly well, and it was not hard to replace, but when you buy, I recommend that you buy more props and use a lot of glue on assembly. The manual is bogus, so use the video at the bottom of this webpage. Overall, its a nice plane, but the prop is weak, and manual sucks.
Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 5funflyguyJanuary 9, 2011Great plane for a trainer, very stable even in glide it will land itself. Just put some wheel collars on it and use foam safe glue. The glue that comes with it doesn't dry properly and the wheels will come off on hard landing. I've upgraded with larger motor esc and battery and I like the power difference, just don't try diving snap loops the wings will taco :)
Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 5DarrellJanuary 2, 2011This is a great plane to assemble and fly. Lots of fun. Glides and soars easily, and I recommend flying in little wind. It takes off quick and really wants to climb, so I offset it with the elevator more in the down position to keep it from "porpoising." A few hints: Add epoxy to the wheel lugs to keep them secure during landings. Also, reinforce the wing edges and tail edges with clear packaging tape to give it some more life and give you more flying time. I taped across the top and bottom of the wings as well as the tail, and that really increased the durability without impacting the flights. And, a simulator is a plus. It's a really fun flyer and has been a great purchase! A bit more durable than the Super Cub, (which is a good one also just make sure you cover the underside of the wheel struts with epoxy to give them longer life). My son and I have had some really good times. Thanks NitroPlanes!
Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 5InsetnamehearOctober 2, 2010Puts together well, the motor mount was a little crooked though, but was solved by trimming it out. It's a really stable flyer, and glides fairly well, can do loops but not quite rolls, I even managed to stall and recover it like a cobra maneuver. It does not hold up to crashing as well as the Wild Hawk though; I've crashed it several times and now it cant take the weight of glue and tape, but I should have used the simulator more... All over it's a good non-glider trainer, just make sure to tape the carbon rode into the wing so they don't accordion...
Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 5John GillespieAugust 26, 2010The receiver had fallen from its mounting bracket. I re-installed it upside down. Do my error the ailerons did not work as I plugged them into channel 5 not channel 1. Channel 5 is not in use on this model so watch out for this. Tech support has been pretty good. The UTube videio is great help in assembling. Now I'll go taxi slow on the drive way and later crash in the park. JG The Rain Man
Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 5zmantazAugust 1, 2010You cannot go wrong with this plane for the price. It's my first, and by my second flight I was doing loops and inverted flight. Can handle in wind, especially for landings - smooth, soft landings like a heli. Difficult to roll which makes it an excellent trainer. One negative though is that you have to hand launch it if in a savannah because it is too light to take off in grass.
Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 5seven6twommJuly 27, 2010Just flew this plane for the first time this past sunday. It took a couple of evenings to do some assembly and setup. Make sure you secure the center section of the wing with the supplied glue or an epoxy. I took extra time to glue in the center section support rod and I also epoxied the top center section support piece in place to ensure the wing was really strong at the center (I used 30 minute epoxy to glue the wing center section piece in place and not the glue supplied with the kit). Run a wide band of clear packing tape on the top and bottom of the wing for additional strength. Also, run tape along the leading edge of the wing from center to the wing tip. If you do just what I have explained, then your wing will be really strong. I flew the plane on a windy, Sunday afternoon for its maiden flight. Not the best conditions. The plane prooved to be very difficult to handle beacuse of the windy conditions. I have been flying RC airplanes for several years and found it challenging to negotiate the small light plane in the turbulent wind. In between breezy gusts, the air was much calmer, and the plane was much easier to handle. Fly the plane when it is really calm out our you will be in for a handfull. I do not think a beginner would be able to handle the plane being flown in windy conditions. Expect to have some really hard landings if you do.. I would also stress to balance the plain properly before flying. The plain will fly much better if you do. Last thing I would like to mention is the extra batteries I purchased along with this kit. I clicked on the link to buy 2 extra batteries under the add battery option next to the add to cart button. The batteries in which were sent to me had the EC3 connectors attached to the power leads and not the JST connectors which is what is required for the premount speed controller in the plane. Needless to say, I had to replace the EC3 connectors with JST's I purhcased at the local hooby stire as so they would work with the plane. Took some soldering and heat shrink to complete the task. The batteries will connect to the plane now. The instructions for the kit were poor even going to the point of completey mentioning the wrong model of plane in the manual (Hawksky?) Overall, I like the smaller park flyer size of the plane as I can fly it in the field next to the house. The plane also transports easily in a small car. I can keep it fully assembled and lay it in the back seat. Keep in mind, this is a cheapy, beginners typt of plane; nothing fancy. It flies well when it is dead calm out (no wind), and it even does acrobatics if you increase the throws of the control surfaces to the max. Hope this bit of info helps some newbies out there. I would recommend the plane. Just get someone experienced to help you.
Dynam 4Ch 'I Can Fly' RTFstar rating 3EddyJune 11, 2010It is a cheap build and it is not that easy to fly. The instructions are poor, but with the video to build it on Youtube, you will be fine. Even if you have already builded models, it will be fine. I broke the shaft on the motor, so it has been a little frustrating... May be a Hawk Sky would be a better choice for me. Not giving up and going to simulator now for a bit before get back on the field again.
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