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Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)

Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 4PerryMarch 18, 2014I've had the same issues as people before me - the right engine wasn't glued properly to the engine mount, and the hull leaked from a seam in the front if the aircraft. Take care of these issues and you'll have a great airplane to fly. Lots of fun and pretty easy to fly.
Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 4GreenieFebruary 24, 2014Plane came on time no problem their, nothing broken, easy to put together. But I crashed on the first flight. Checked the plane out and found that both motors were off. One motor pointed up and the other one pointed down. I had to put spacers to fix it so that both motors were the same, plus one prop stuck out further then the other. Placed some washer so that both props were the same. Had to purchase the Bilster parts the plastic bottom and windsheild,etc. All said and done the plane is up and running find. Fun to fly and received lots of good remarks.
Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 5DeSturFebruary 21, 2014Finally got the Maiden Flight, I'm still a rookie and this is my 1st "Big" plane (Lost my SpyHawk in the mountains) Very Short Takeoff ! Needs trimming, used a Hobbywing Gyro also and FrSky DJT on a Flysky TH9X radio. She Literally Purrs through the air easily at half throttle and has a long flight time on a single Sky Lipo 2200mah 20c battery, winds were gently gusting 5 mph, it was like nothing! Could use more "Punch" on acceleration, I'm guessing a 40c and even bigger capacity -2800~3000mah would be awesome. Clipped a sagebrush on final and it pulled off the starboard pontoon ad threw hewer into a violent but short spin about 1-1/2 ft high so no damage at all just lightly contact cement the pontoon for future events. This a great starter plane!!! Buy It!!!
Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 5RichardFebruary 11, 2014I've got several flights on this PBY, including today off of the snow. It flies really well, and is very easy to fly. It will glide in easily for landings too. Just make sure the struts are tightened as they can work loose after several landings, and they are necessary to keep the wing attached to the fuselage. I had no issues with building, everything went together well, and trimmed out easily too. I have not flown from water, but have many flights off grass, and now off of snow. No complaints here.
Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 4JackFebruary 8, 2014I've got a few flights on this and it really flies well. The only problem is that it seems to want to plow in on takeoff and the props throw water all over the place. Works best for me if I hold up elevator and give it full throttle. Hull still digs in, but it gets airborne quickly. Has plenty of power, but your lipo had better be in top shape or it will stall on takeoff. Overall, a good plane.
Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 4Brian M.January 31, 2014Plane flies very well, nice and stable. I use a 2200mAh battery placed all the way forward and it balanced out just fine. The instructions that come with the plane give you two very different C.G. points (the diagram in the manual says one thing (80-85mm) and the write up in the manual says something else (60-65mm), uh, which is it?). But again, if you run a 2200mAh battery in it placed all the way forward in the hatch compartment the C.G. seems to be spot on. The plane looks great, but the quality is only OK. On mine you can see that the horizontal stabilizers are slightly twisted in relationship to the wing as a result of the fuselage having a twist to it. That of course also puts your vertical stabilizer at an angle that’s not 90 degrees to the wings. Doesn’t seem to affect the flight characteristics though. Also found when turning on the power one motor comes on before the other and thus runs at a higher rpm than the other when powering up. Again, doesn’t seem to be a problem when flying (add some rudder trim), but while taxing on the water she goes in circles unless you power up a fair bit and kick the rudder over hard and then you can get it to track where you want it to go. Also, as others have mentioned, do some surgery and angle the wing floats upward more than how they come stock so they don’t catch while landing. Overall though, happy with the plane despite some of it’s flaws. Has plenty of power and jumps right out of the water.
Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 3EricDecember 7, 2013Great flying plane, finish is pretty good, Left horizontal stab is slight warped. Easy assembly. Had an intermittent ESC which resulted in a crash. Ordered parts to repair it. hope to fly it more than twice this time! My Airfield T-28 is a better built plane.
Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 4JimNovember 30, 2013While assembling unit I noticed the left engine glue was not set and the engine came off. I re-glued it and it was secure. I checked the right engine and it felt secure. Today was it's maiden flight. Guess what? While in flight the right engine pulled loose from the wing. Plane was all over the sky. Cut power and got the plane under control and dead stick landed it with the right engine hanging from the wing and the prop blade stuck in the right side of the windshield. I'm not happy with quality control. This should have never happened. Anyone the gets this plane, make sure the glue is secure on the engines.
Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 4GlennOctober 4, 2013Overall I'm happy with this purchase. Flew it 4 or 5 times off the water before I had a major screw up. Pilot error causing a nose first crash into the grass bank! Left motor fell off. White plastic hull covering shattered. Repairs have been made without ordering parts. Can't wait to take it back to the lake. I did not particularly like the way everything was packaged. Loose end of the aileron servo wires were pressed into the wing halves leaving permanent marks. The fuselage is warped slightly so that the main wing and horizontal stabilizer are not parallel with each other. I'm getting about 7 minutes running a 2200 mAh battery leaving about 20% in reserve. Not bad for powering twin motors!
Dynam PBY Catalina 4 Ch 1470mm Brushless Motor/ESC ARF (Blue)star rating 5Opsman56September 18, 2013This was my first twin engine plane and its' a beauty! I have flown it about a dozen times on grass field and 3 times on water. It takes a little getting use to on water vs grass but no crashes yet. Everything is stock on plane. I did make 2 changes. I changed wing to fuselage mounts screws/nuts. I used wall anchors and deck screws. I also used clear silicone on esc connectors to protect from water. Hope that helps.... Cheers!
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