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Tech One RC 4 Channel Flyfun EPP Kit Version (Green)

Tech One RC 4 Channel Flyfun EPP Kit Version (Green)star rating 5KurtMarch 17, 2013I bought this plane ( ARF version )for my son in-law, Flies like a much larger size plane, smooth easy flyer. The battery compartment is a bit narrow at 1/2", hot knifed to size for a 3s 1000 mAh, Tires are good for hard smooth surfaces, we went to larger tires for our rough field to stop it from tipping the nose on landings. All around a fun plane, even if your not a training someone!
Tech One RC 4 Channel Flyfun EPP Kit Version (Green)star rating 5SteveApril 24, 2012I bought this plane to replace an old 3 ch trainer that I let friends fly that want to learn. I am very impressed with this plane. The quality & durrability are amasing. If it would have said Hacker on the side it would have costs twice as much and would not have been any better. This is an ideal 4 chanel trainer, it has enough diherdral to be self leveling but full 4 ch controls so you can learn how to use the rudder, it is also almost unbreakable. My only modification was to add a couple of degrees of right angle to the motor mount, (at low speeds the plane was reluctant to turn right without the rudder). overall this is a 5 star product, that I would recomend it to new pilots or someone looking for an easy backrard plane. I am flying it with a 2218 1350kv motor on a 500ma 2 cell pack & a 9x6 prop, I am getting 8min.+ flights.
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