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TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)

TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 5DonSeptember 3, 2015I have two Saturns. Each one has several hundred landings on all original equipment landing gear. I use the planes for teaching new pilots how to fly and how to land. This plane is stable in flight, will fly for over 20 minutes on a 2200 battery, and is my first choice for training students.
TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 5Ron WalterFebruary 24, 2015Love everything about the plane, easy assembly, easy to fly! However, the decals on the body come loose each time I fly it!
TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 4james harrisonSeptember 23, 2014havnt flown it yet but went together real well looks great only thing im having a problem with is getting the front wheel to line up with the rudder so it will steer straight.small area on the batterie compartment needs more room there.i give it a 4 rating so far.
TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 5JamesAugust 23, 2014I bought this plane to train family members, and I am impressed. It flies great, penetrates the wind with great glide characteristics. Buy this plane--very well made.
TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 5CharlesMay 31, 2014This plane shipped to my door in 3 days. It was nicely boxed and all the parts were well protected. I saved the foam shipping box so I could store it when not in use. This is a great trainer plane. I can fly for about 10 minutes on a 3cell 1800 lipo at about 1/2 throttle and lower. It just floats around up there. I did replace the wheels with larger diameter for grass landings. This plane fly's lake a dream.
TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 5bobApril 3, 2014Not for beginners as the plane is pretty fast an takes a long time to land an you need open space. the plane is very nice an well thought of.But the front landing gear is not in right position. When you land no matter how soft it tips over. its needs to be trimmed an that's why its not for newbies. its not a real trainer but once trim it flies good.
TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 4PatrickNovember 18, 2013On my first landing the front plastic steering collar broke. If it was a hard landing I could understand but it was not. On my second flight I was coming down pretty hard and pulled up on my elevator so I was pulling some g's and the plane came apart. The front of the wing come out of tab and from their everything went south. Looks like I should have listened to other people on here a supported the front of the wing better. The plane is now in a couple different pieces. Other then that the plane flies great. It flew so nice that i will be getting another one dispite the catastrophic failure I had. Just need to take care of those two problems and it will be a great plane. If it did not fly so good I would not have gave it the rating I did but I have flown a couple trainers and this one by far flies the best.
TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 5Ricky mardisJune 20, 2013Great plane. Flies really great. A great trainer for pilots just getting started. Had a problem with the front landing gear. The bushing is to weak. I made some changes, and made it stronger. Working great. It also will take off and land in rough grass. Great job nitro planes!
TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 5toyMarch 11, 2013Same problem with front landing gear as dave. I put a wire tie threw the spring and around the nose cone. Can't use steering. It takes off and lands so well it does'nt seem to be an issue. Flies well at very low speeds as well as full throttle. No bad flight charactoristics. Very areobatic at full throttle for a trainer. Super easy to fly at low speed. Can't go wrong at this price. Dialed it in for a friend this week end. 1800mah 30c 3s sky lipo. Adjusted to stock c.g. spec. and it flew awsume.
TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue)star rating 5GalenFebruary 8, 2013Excellent trainer for the price! I purchased it because I needed a new aileron trainer and had lots of 3 cell 1800 batteries. I use it to train high school students and it flies extremely well. We fly off a rough grassy field and it takes off and lands good. It's been landed over 30 times so far and the landing gear has held up with no incidents. The supplied motor and servos are performing well and I get about 14 min on the batteries. Aerobatics are as predicted for a high wing trainer, with significant down elevator required for inverted flight. Highly recommended!
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